Suggested device prices

A number of vendors have been approached and asked to recommend devices that meet the Heathcote High School specifications. Heathcote High School has no affiliation whatsoever with any of these vendors. They are to be used for reference  and prices are indicative only. Often a better deal can be had by negotiating with the sales rep in store. All prices are correct as of the 25th November 2017.


If students already have a device and you are not sure if it the device will operate correctly at Heathcote High School, the parents can bring the device into the school   assistance from Geoff Thorncraft, Computer Coordinator to test the device for its suitability, or contact by email at:


A common problem had by older devices the inability to connect to the DEC's wifi. This can usually be remedied by purchasing a wifi dongle such as that shown below:


Netgear AC 600 wifi dongle


The adapter is an AC600 Netgear adapter for $52 for the parents




Devices available from Harvey Norman , Caringbah, Sydney


ACER SPIN 1 SILVER $698 (Pentium Quad Core, 4gb RAM, 128gb ssd, 11.6" 


Acer Spin 1 Silver Laptop


HP PAVILION X360 11-AB047TU WHITE. $698. (Pentium quad core,8gb RAM,  128gb ssd, 11.6"



HP Pavillion X360


MACBOOK  AIR 13 $1349 (Intel i5 1.8ghz, 8gb, 128gb ssd, 13.3")

MACBOOK AIR 13 $1619 (Intel i5 1.8ghz, 8gb, 256gb ssd,13.3")



Macbook Air