G Suite and GOOGLE Classroom

G Suite for Education


G Suite for Education exists as an extensive and varied collection of cloud-based (stored securely online, accessed on any device via a browser) tools that can add new collaborative and interactive elements to teaching practices across a wide range of subjects. 

Google Classroom
Google Classroom helps teachers create, assign, and collect student classwork and homework paperlessly without worrying about saving, loss of work, installing software or backups. With Google Classroom, teachers can seamlessly integrate Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail to create assignments, provide feedback for in progress and completed work, and communicate with their students directly and with whole class announcements.  

When teachers create assignments, folders are automatically created in Google Drive for each student. They can choose to share a single document (like project instructions or readings), or automatically make a copy for each student (like a project template). They can see who has completed the work at a glance even for students who have not clicked 'Turn in', assign grades, comment or edit student documents and revisit student works and participation at a later date. These features are valuable during report writing and interviews.

Google Docs and Suite
Google Docs is an online word processor, like Microsoft Word, but it's free and you don't need to install anything. Google Docs have slightly less formatting features, but it's the speed and collaborative features that allow the documents to really shine through. The Google Docs suite also includes Google Forms and Sheets to allow you to gather and organise data as you would in Microsoft Excel, Google Drawings and Google Slides as an online alternative to PowerPoint. Many document formats can be converted to Google formats within Drive