Subject Selection

At Heathcote High, we pride ourselves on the great variety of subjects open to our students.

In Year 9, students may select 3 Electives and in Year 11, they must select 12 units in the Preliminary courses.

As part of the Year 11 Subject Selection process, we provide a teacher/ mentor for each student who assists in the process.

Students must consider if they wish to obtain an ATAR to enable them to go to University. This does impact on the courses they can select.

A very important piece of advice to all students. Chose subjects you are interested in and where you think you can achieve. You will be more likely to be motivated to learn and succeed in the HSC.

Year 10 subject selection

How can you help your teen decide on subjects for Years 11 and 12? These tips talk about balancing choices based on your teen's strengths, while keeping their options open.

Vocational education

Many kids now use Year 11 and 12 to get a head start on a traineeship or an apprenticeship, or gain other valuable industry experience.

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 Below are the subjects offered in 2013. These may differ form year to year, depending on the selections made by the cohort of students in that year and staffing available. They should therefore be viewed only as a guide for future years.