Getting involved

Our parents & citizens' association (P&C) brings the school community together. Parents, teachers and community members can help meet the needs of the school community and contribute to decisions about the school.

The P&C also raises funds that help finance improvements to our school and provide additional resources.

The end of 2013 is nearly upon us and as I sit here I wonder and think about how quick this year has passed us all by.

My name is Kathleen Cunynghame and I have the privilege of holding the position of P&C President of Heathcote high. 

On October the 23rd 2013 our yearly AGM was held where all positions become vacant. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you other office bearers:

Mrs Neridah Armstrong holds the position of Secretary (Welcome)

Mrs Tania Ellem holds the position of Treasurer

Mrs Lee Brack holds the position of Finance committee member 

2013 has been an interesting and busy year for Heathcote High. We saw the Retirement of our former Principal Mr Geoff Dodds, who held the top job for 11 years

We welcomed our new Principal, Mr Mark Noonan, and some new teachers to Heathcote High. 

Our meetings for P&C are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month beginning at 7.30pm. You will find these dates are also advertised in our school newsletter (the Bottlebrush), which is online via our website.

As High school plays the most important part in your child's schooling years, the P&C would love to invite you to our meetings where you have the chance to contribute ideas and ask questions in regards to the every day running of the school. This gives you the opportunity to get to know your Principal and Deputies in a less formal setting. 

The P&C request a Voluntary contribution of $50.00 per family per year, this is the only fund raising the P&C is involved in. This year the P&C has helped and provided much needed funds through you contributions such as 

- Funds for The Beacon Foundation, to pursue further education, training or employment upon leaving school

- Funds for a new stainless steel bench for the Home economics department

- Funds for the gardening club to beautify the school grounds of Heathcote high

 - Funds for Presentation day 

Every dollar is directly poured back into the school, which in turn benefits your child at some stage of their schooling life. Without the $50.00 donation from each family, the P&C would not be able to vote for and provide the much needed funds for these very worthy items and teaching tools for our students. 

So please join us come along to our P&C meetings and have the chance to meet other parents, we would love to see you there. 


Kathleen Cunynghame ( P&C President )