Caring for students

Our school environment welcomes and respects people from all backgrounds.

Browse this section to find out how we work with you to provide a safe and caring learning environment for your child and also keep informed about support for school families.


Each student's individual wellbeing is given a high priority at Heathcote High School through the support and guidance of the welfare team.

Our welfare team includes two deputy principals, welfare head teacher, two student advisers (for each year), school counsellors, careers adviser and a strong learning support team.



The school's welfare structures and programs aim to ensure that our students can maximise their learning opportunities. Important programs and activities include:

  • Years 7 - 10 goal setting initiative - THE PACT. A semesterised welfare initiative to improve student engagement based on individual goal setting, positive reinforcement and recognition;
  • Welfare days for each Year in 7 -10, utilizing the Mind Matters program, addressing:

- Cultural harmony and acceptance

- Cyberbullying and safe internet use

- Positive relationships and friendship

- Resilience building and self esteem

  • Gender based programs:

- MMM program designed for year 9 boys who will benefit from a male role model. The program runs for two terms and focuses on areas such as gaining a white card, construction skills, mechanics and building positive relationships.

- EDYS Girls program targeting Year 8 - 9 girls, promoting resilience and positive relationships, self esteem and building a postitive self image, developing confidence and coping strategies.

  • A Year 6 into 7 transition program to ease the change from primary to high school;
  • Year 7 camp - getting to know you;
  • Year 10 personal safety workshops;
  • Year 11 personal development camp and 25 hour Crossroads PDHPE course;
  • Year 12 mentor program
  • The implementation of study skills strategies into all years;
  • Special assemblies and meetings to address significant welfare issues;
  • Parent information evenings to assist parents to support their students as learners
  • A comprehensive strategy of tracking student progress, attendance, welfare and learning, during their time at high school.

An exit survey of Year 12 students at the end of 2014 indicated that an overwhelming majority of tstudents felt cared for and supported during their time at Heathcote High School.



The SRC is the school's student decision-making forum. Heathcote High School has a very proactive SRC. There are 32 members from Years 7-12. At the end of term 3, students from each year are invited to nominate themselves to be elected into the following year's SRC. The students are required to complete a number of questions about themselves, and need to have an endorsement from either the year Advisor or one of their teachers. Students then go through an election process where their peers vote for the representatives for their Year. The students undergo a Leadership Training program when first elected into the SRC and a Bonding Day is organised to help the leaders get to know each other. The students are also together for Roll Call each day.

The composition of the SRC is as follows:

Year 7 – 4 students

Year 8 – 4 students

Year 9 – 5 students

Year 10 – 5 students

Year 11 - 6 students

Year 12 – 8 students (2 Captains, 2 Vice Captains)

Successful representatives organise and participate in various projects and charitable activities, and discuss matters of real concern to the student body. The Senior SRC members meet with the School Principal weekly to raise, discuss, and resolve issues around the school.

The students are organised into smaller focus groups which carry out different duties within the SRC. Each week the SRC representatives run the school assembly and raise the flags.

They also run the Acknowledgement Assembly for their year, in conjunction with the Year Advisor, twice each term.

The SRC was actively involved in review of our school's Values platform and Code of Behaviour, known as the COTES Code. SRC members also attended the staff development day to input ideas into development of the Strategic Plan for 2015.

Events are organised throughout the year to raise funds for charity. Valentine's Day, Harmony Day, Bandana Day are some of these events. Money has been raised for The Heart Foundation, Sydney Children's Hospital, World Vision, Assistance Dogs to name a few. The students have also worked at The Big Kitchen to prepare meals for the homeless.

SRC representatives are also active Regionally and meet a number of times each term with SRC students from other schools in the area. They also have the opportunity to attend a number of other Leadership activities such as The Elevate Young Leaders Program run by Wollongong University and the Young Leaders forum at Parliament House.


College of Candidates

The Year 11 College of Candidates Program gives senior students training in a range of leadership skills and prepares them for the School Captain selection process. Any Year 11 student may participate in this program. It is from this select group that the Captains and Vice Captains will be chosen. Interested students complete an application form which then goes to a panel comprising a member of the Senior Executive, The SRC coordinator and two SRC members. The panel decides suitable candidates to go into an interview with the panel. Once suitable candidates are established, they will deliver a speech to both their peers and the teaching staff at the school. Voting by both groups will establish the Captains (a boy and girl), Vice Captains (a boy and girl) and 4 year representatives.

Induction of the new Captains / Vice Captains/ Representatives will take place before the end of Term 3 each year so that they can take over the Senior Leadership role after the Year 12 leaders leave to prepare for their HSC.